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Southridge Takes 3rd Place at ISEA Track & Field Championships

Junior School Track and Field Team

The Grade 4-7 Track & Field Team participated at the ISEA Track & Field Championships at South Surrey Track on May 22nd. The boys team finished 3rd and the girls placed 4th out of 13 schools that participated at the event. Congratulations everyone for a very successful season!! Below is a list of the athletes who placed in the top 3 in individual events:

Grade 7:

  • Jordyn Reed- 1st in the 100 A, 1st in the 200 A, 1st in Long Jump A, 1st in 800 B
  • Lizzie Lawson- 1st in 100 B, 2nd in High Jump A
  • Lucas Young- 2nd in 200 A, 3rd in 100 A, 3rd in Long Jump B
  • Gagan Dhanoa- 3rd in 1200 B

Grade 6:

  • David Wu- 2nd in Long Jump A, 3rd in 100 A
  • Levi Leach- 3rd in 100 B, 3rd in 200 A
  • Jaden Gosal- 2nd in 1200 A, 3rd in 100 A
  • Tyler Spence- 3rd in 1200 B

Grade 5:

  • Talia Partovi- 2nd in 60 A, 2nd in 200 A
  • Ava Eichhorst- 1st in 60 B, 1st in High Jump A, 3rd in Long Jump A
  • Ainsley Young- 1st in 200 B
  • Renee Weng- 2nd in Shot Put B
  • Jady Choi- 3rd in 600 B
  • Sarah Sanghe- 2nd in High Jump B, 3rd in Long Jump B
  • Owen Lister- 2nd in 1000 B, 3rd in High Jump B
  • Cannon Nyline- 3rd in 1000 A
  • Andrew Lawson- 2nd in High Jump A, 2nd in Shot Put B, 3rd in 60 B
  • Adam Woodhead- 3rd in Discus B

Grade 4:

  • Selina Jiang- 1st in 60 A, 2nd in 200 A
  • Elgina Hu- 2nd in 60 B, 3rd in High Jump A
  • Sophie Grootendorst- 2nd in 600 A, 3rd in High Jump B
  • Kayley Fong- 2nd in 600 B, 2nd in 1000 B
  • Anna Plante- 3rd in Shot Put B
  • Ben Schmidt- 1st in Shot Put A