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One Act Play Fest 2018


One Act Plays

We wrapped up the Senior School’s student directed One Act Play Festival on May the 3rd with the final adjudication sending 3 finalists on to the Vancouver Independent Schools Theatre Association (VISTA) festival May 23-25th.  The three plays selected to move on are as follows:

“How Much Time Between a Flicker and a Flame?”
  by Molly Maguire, Music and Lyrics by Dilly Cooner

In the middle of the American Revolution these revolutionaries are fighting for more than their country.

Directed by:  Molly Maguire and Dilly Cooner

                                                  Time:      Molly Maguire

                                    Harry Walker:      Ella Slaughter

Gerald Williams/ Isabella Bracey:      Dilly Cooner

                                                  Julia:      Indiana Buchinski

                                 Simon Fellows:      Ryan Kniel

                                     Diana Lacey:      Sarah Tisdale

                                       Mrs Walker:      Mireille Perez

                                    Isaac Archer:      Colin Gottwald

                           Christopher Blake:      Hamza Hasan

                                    Lydia Walker:      Nikki Harrad

Music Recording: Rhett Cunningham, Harkaran Dial, Sarah Tisdale, Annie Yeh


“Courting 101” by Yuri Baranovsky

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. www.playscripts.com

A fun and interactive play about the do’s and don’ts of dating. “The Professor” tries to demonstrate the art of dating through Mark and Melody, our potential couple.

Directed by:  Nikki Harrad

                                          Professor:      Colin Gottwald

                                                  Mark:      Ryan Kniel

                                              Melody:      Joy Song

                                                Waiter:      Aurin Brar

                      Audience Member #1:     Sara Tisdale

                      Audience Member #2:     Kate Maguire


“Bad Auditions by Bad Actors” by Ian McWethy

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. www.playscripts.com

From outrageous method actors to crazy yoga gurus, casting the two leads of Romeo and Juliet proves to be a difficult task.  Following the Casting Director through an eventful and frustrating day, you will encounter romance, drama, catlike behaviour, and much more!

Directed by:  Syra Aujla

                              Casting Director:      Jayda Anderson

                                                Roger:      Arjun Dhaliwal

                          Katherine/ Melissa:      Nadine Kent       

                          Maria/ Meg/ Martin:      Maya Kobylanski                      

              Coach/ Edmond/Charlize:      Summer Sandhu

                                      Agent/ Amy:      Rowan de Hoog

                                                  Josh:      Avery Martin

The Lunchtime Theatre Series will continue until May 22nd where the school community will have the opportunity to see all the shows one more time.

Please contact Ms MacGregor at smacgregor@southridge.bc.ca for tickets to the VISTA festival at St Georges School.