Our Kids & Technology: Understanding how its being used & encouraging mindfulness
Heather Mosher

Last summer, Senior School Education Technology Leader, Mrs. Heather Mosher, spent time researching digital literacy and student mental health as part of a Summer Research Institute. Her goal was to come out with an informative video series for parents (and their children) to serve as a helpful resource in understanding the use of technology and encouraging a healthy state of mind for everyone in their family. 

Senior School Education Technology Leader, Mrs. Heather Mosher, helps a student with their laptop

Here are the three videos she created:

We hope that you take the time to watch them!

"Students are growing up not knowing a time without the internet, social media or smartphones, so we need to embrace this as their 'normal'. As parents and teachers, we can assist them in navigating their use, be mindful to how they are using these tools and work as a community to ensure they are emotionally supported. These videos were created to help families start the conversation in their household and empower parents to support their children. I hope that you will sit down with your children and discuss how they are using different technologies outside of the classroom, together. In addition, I encourage you to check out Common Sense Media (www.commonsensemedia.org) and Internet Matters (www.internetmatters.org)."
Heather Mosher
Senior School Education Technology Leader

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