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Salmon signs hoped to help cultivate awareness

A Southridge student is adding her voice, and handiwork, to a call to end ocean-based fish farms. Amadea de Wit, in Grade 11 at the South Surrey school, said she sent 10 red-and-green laminated salmon signs – in the shape of the fish and bearing the words ‘Stay Wild’ – to a small store in Alert Bay this month, “knowing they will be posted on one of the two fish farms in the First Nations territory that is currently occupied by the FN people.”

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Welcome Sal!

In October 2016, we unveiled our first official school mascot – a splendid creature named Sal who is half orca and half eagle. What many people may not know, however, is that Sal’s journey to Southridge dates to 2014, and is the result of a completely student-led initiative. 

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Citizens of Southridge: A student-led initiative

Last May, our incoming Head Boy and Head Girl, William “Will” Lauzon and Georgina “Georgie” Adams, had the opportunity to accompany Mr. Stephens to a leadership conference held at St. George’s School. During the conference, they found themselves connecting with other student leaders in attendance, discussing what they loved most about their schools and what they would like to see change. They left feeling inspired, and on the drive home, came up with an interesting idea...

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Goal Chaser, Jessie Sanghe…

At Southridge, we are proud to have an incredible number of passionate, driven and talented young people in our midst – students who regularly inspire us with the things they are achieving both in, and outside of the classroom – students whose ‘spirits are soaring’. While we don’t have a hockey program here, you might be surprised to know that we have one of the best young female hockey players in Canada walking our halls! Meet, Jessie Sanghe…

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