Three Merit Scholarships, valued at $5000 per year to graduation are awarded annually to new Senior School students (Grades 8 - 12).

Who can qualify?

Merit Scholarships are open to all new Senior School Students! If you are entering Grades 8-12, we encourage you to apply.

What are the requirements?

Scholarships are awarded to remarkable kids who are committed to pursuing a passion - whether it's a delight in art, an enthusiasm for academics, or a desire to give back through philanthropy.

Are they given for one-year only?

Merit Scholarships are renewable annually to graduation, provided students remain in good standing, maintain high-achievement in at least one of the school pillars, and continue to use their passion to contribute in a meaningful way to the Southridge community.

How to Apply

To apply for a Merit Scholarship, students must complete and submit the following forms (available in September):

Find Out More

To learn more about Merit Scholarships, please contact:

Admissions Office

At Southridge, we celebrate and support students to boldly pursue their dreams. Our financial assistance program also offers Senior School bursaries, and financial aid.