At Southridge, we celebrate and support students to boldly pursue their dreams. Our financial assistance program offers Senior School bursaries, financial aid, and merit scholarships.

Three Merit Scholarships, valued at $5000 per year to graduation are awarded annually to new Senior School students (Grades 8 - 12). These Scholarships are awarded to remarkable kids who are committed to pursuing their passion - whether it's a love of sport, a delight in art, an enthusiasm for academics, or a desire to give back through philanthropy.

Merit Scholarships require no demonstration of financial need; they are renewable annually to graduation, provided students remain in good standing, maintain high achievement in at least one of the school pillars, and continue to use their passion to contribute in a meaningful way to the Southridge community.

How to Apply

To apply for a Merit Scholarship, students must complete and submit the following:

Find Out More

To learn more about Merit Scholarships, please contact:

Admissions Office