Bursaries and Financial Aid

At Southridge, we celebrate and support students to boldly pursue their dreams. Our financial assistance program offers Senior School bursaries, financial aid, and merit scholarships.


The Alan Brown Memorial Bursary

Our founding Headmaster Emeritus, Alan Brown, laid the foundation for Southridge School. It was his vision, and his outstanding reputation as an educator, that attracted many of the first families to the school. With three daughters of his own, and a 30-year career of educating only boys, Mr. Brown was instrumental in founding Southridge, in part, to realize his dream of educating girls.

From the very beginning, Mr. Brown was deeply committed to supporting students through bursaries. In honour of his dedication to ensuring that all students, regardless of financial standing, might have the opportunity to receive an independent school education, Southridge School, with the generous support of his family and friends, has established the Alan Brown Memorial Bursary in his memory.

The Alan Brown Memorial Bursary is a partial, renewable bursary covering up to a maximum of 50% of tuition, for an outstanding new female Senior School student (Grade 8 - 12).

The John Pitt Memorial Bursary

"A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops." ~ Henry Adams

The John Pitt Memorial Bursary was established in memory of Mr. John Pitt, an inspiring, caring and thoughtful educator who changed the lives of countless students. Cory and Sandy Saran, Southridge parents, were former students of Mr. Pitt’s at Marlborough School in Delta and have established this bursary in his name to recognize the impact that he had on their lives.

The John Pitt Memorial Bursary is a partial, renewable bursary covering up to a maximum of 50% of tuition, for an outstanding new Grade 8, 9 or 10 student.

The Carol E. Levy Memorial Bursary

The Carol E. Levy Memorial Bursary is offered in memory of Carol Levy, a founding parent of Southridge School, caring mother of Rachel, Rob, Victoria and Hilary and loving wife of Michael, who passed away suddenly in 2007. Mrs. Levy was a remarkable woman who gave countless hours to the community and was instrumental in the formation of Southridge. Her unwavering dedication to the school is sorely missed, but her commitment to all children will be felt through this generous endowment in her name.

The Carol E. Levy Memorial Bursary is a full, renewable bursary covering up to 100% of tuition, awarded to an outstanding new Grade 10 student.


"Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet." ~ Stephen Hawking

The Bo Hogland Memorial Bursary was established in memory of Dr. Bo Hogland, a caring and respected member of the Southridge community, who lost his battle with ALS in 2016. This bursary has been established by his wife, Dr. Dorothy Sonya, to commemorate the impact Bo had on his family and community. The Bo Hogland Memorial Bursary is a partial, renewable bursary covering up to a maximum of 50% of tuition, for an outstanding new Grade 8 student, who has a demonstrated passion for the Arts.

Financial Aid

Southridge was built on the desire to create a school community that develops young people who contribute to each other’s success – and the betterment of the wider world – regardless of financial standing. We are proud to offer a limited amount of financial aid to a select number of new outstanding Senior School students (Grades 8 - 12) each year, who have demonstrated and we believe will make a meaningful contribution to our school community.

How to Apply

To apply for a Bursary or Financial Aid, students must complete and submit the following:

  • Southridge 2018-19 Admissions Application Form and all supporting documentation. (The Admissions application fee is waived for all bursary and financial aid applicants.)
  • Southridge Bursary and Financial Aid Application Form
  • Families are required to submit financial information to a third party. Apple Financial Services collects information for standardized, confidential processing and provides us with a summary of their findings to assist us in determining financial need. The Financial Aid for Students Attending Canadian Schools (FACS) Form is available on the Apple Financial Services website. (A processing fee is charged.)
  • Fee waivers for the Secondary School Assessment Test (SSAT) may also be provided on a first-come, first-served basis for students who have completed their application. Contact the Admissions Office (below).

    Find Out More

    To learn more about Bursaries and Financial Aid, please contact:

    Admissions Office

    Investing in the Future

    Read the story of Teresita Aristizabal, who received a five year bursary to attend Southridge from Grade 8 through 12. A great example of how our comprehensive financial assistance program is helping kids achieve their dreams and realize success!

    The Alan Brown Story

    Watch this video to hear the story of how Southridge School was created and the central role played by Alan Brown.

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