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Why Southridge?

The most important factor in selecting an independent school is finding the right fit for your child, and for your family. Your child’s personality, learning style, academic ability, as well as your own family values, goals and priorities are all things you should consider when researching independent schools. No two schools are the same – just as no two children or families are the same. We encourage you to focus not on finding the best school – but on finding the right school.

The reasons Southridge might be right for your family...

We place equal importance on academics and character. In other words, we not only educate our students about knowledge and how to think in today’s world, we also teach them the importance of goodness and how to act ethically and morally. We emphasize pursuing a passion and acting in ways that are purposeful in making a positive difference in the world.

Our programs and culture foster the development of leadership, character and skills that enable our students to realize their full potential.

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Hear our students’ opinions about the importance of character...

More than 20 years ago, our founding Headmaster Emeritus, Mr. Alan Brown, described the Southridge culture as ‘a light-hearted place of serious purpose.’

While Southridge offers a focused, rigorous learning environment, we are also committed to providing opportunities for our students to have fun by taking part in activities that build school spirit and create lasting memories. These activities help create the safe, supportive, and loving environment where joy in the journey leads to a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

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At Southridge, we strive to authentically know each and every one of our students and work to build and nurture trusting relationships with them.

Research has shown the importance of students having at least one trusted adult in their lives, other than a parent. This is because trust begets belief, and when students know that someone – especially an adult – believes in them, they feel good. They feel safe, empowered, and secure, which allows them to take risks, make mistakes and learn as much from hardship as success. Our goal is to provide that trusted adult for your child.


We are a community of aligned families committed to a set of common values and a shared purpose beyond ourselves and our own families. We foster a sense of belonging through rewarding experiences where relationships and contributions are valued and appreciated. In essence, our actions, past and present, inspire each one of us to leave Southridge an even better place for generations to come.

Students feel cared for at Southridge as they build bonds with all members of the community. As they witness the commitment of the parents and benefit from the mentorship of the faculty, they too become even more committed to their school.

At Southridge, we have no locks on our lockers. Watch this video to find out why.

From the moment your child begins school at Southridge, we have a plan for them. Our academic objective is to support your child’s development as a creative, critical and independent thinker. Our student-centred approach to teaching and learning is the foundation of our Kindergarten through Grade 12 curriculum.

The Junior School (Grades K - 7) uses the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme to deliver course content. This is complemented by our enriched Senior School Education Program (Grades 8 - 12), which is delivered using the Harkness philosophy. We also offer Advanced Placement courses as part of this program, giving Senior students the opportunity to earn college-level credits while in high school.

From K - 12, students are encouraged to ask thoughtful questions, problem solve, actively listen, collaborate and probe for deeper meaning, in order to construct a more comprehensive understanding of their world. As a result, our classrooms are lively and engaging, brimming with energy, debate, laughter and dialogue.

Southridge students are called upon to show up, speak up and stand up; to think independently, to contribute to the collective and to use their minds to ponder, reflect and scrutinize rather than receive, repeat and memorize.

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Southridge’s co-curricular programs are aligned with the school’s mission and vision which seek to develop well-rounded and balanced students.

The after-school clubs and activities provide opportunities for student and teacher relationships to grow and flourish.  Whether playing on the field, practicing debate, creating a piece of art, biking the Kettle Valley, kayaking or snowshoeing, students get to know each other in a new environment.  It is during these times that friendships with other students and important relationships with teachers and coaches are built.

It's also through these opportunities that new passions are discovered and a spark is ignited, often lasting a lifetime.

Advice for New Students

Watch this video where current students give advice to new students on how to succeed at Southridge.

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Southridge School

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About Southridge

Southridge develops well-rounded students with a deep sense of personal integrity who have the moral character, love of learning and self-confidence to realize their full potential in a post-secondary environment and in society at large.

Southridge School is committed to striving to ensure that all students are safe, accepted and respected.

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