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On behalf of the Southridge community I would like to welcome you to our website. I hope the information contained within these pages and through the links we have provided will leave you with the distinct impression of why Southridge is such an important place of growth, opportunity, and spirit for so many people – students, parents, and teachers.

Central to our focus at Southridge is personal growth. To that extent, our students are not only immersed in a challenging academic environment, but they are also expected to make a contribution to the spirit of their school through their character. Opportunities in service, the arts, and athletics are requisite experiences in both the development and expression of character. As such, Southridge students welcome such opportunities and embrace the responsibility of complete engagement in school life. They learn to respond meaningfully and with integrity to the choices they face on a regular basis.

Through personal growth an understanding of interdependence is nourished amongst our students, and it is through interdependence that Southridge realizes its vision to Let Every Spirit Soar.

We believe that relationships are the means of attaining our vision and that it is in the extension of one’s self to others in the hopes of elevating their spirit that our own spirit soars. We also believe that spirit can be interpreted as conscience, which is a reflection of integrity, and that living with integrity makes a positive difference in the world and enlivens the spirits of others.

Southridge is a place of significance. It is a place where students journey in their growth academically and personally, exploring, embracing, and sharing their own unique qualities and gifts. It is a place of personal fulfillment and contribution to the greater good. It is a place where youth actively make an intentional positive difference in the world.



Playgrounds - Small People, Tough Decisions, Big Thinking

From time to time I wander about the Junior School playground while the kids are enjoying a break from their classroom activities. Playgrounds are great places for a number of reasons, many of which have to do with learning how to interact with one another in a safe, caring and ethical way. …

Posted by Drew Stephens on Monday March 2, 2015 at 11:14AM
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A CAIS of Character

Over the past few weeks I have been engaged in an administrative project that needed some input from my colleagues at other independent schools across the country – most of them members of the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools organization (CAIS). Knowing that I would need to spend some …

Posted by Drew Stephens on Monday January 19, 2015
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Learning at Southridge

I usually learn the most when I take a risk of some sort. I bet I’m not that different than most people in that regard – kids included. For our Remembrance Day assembly earlier this month, I came up with the idea to recite the words to a song written and composed by Mark Knopfler, of

Posted by Drew Stephens on Tuesday November 25, 2014
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Stewardship’s Influence

Southridge reached an important milestone this year as we celebrate our 20th year as a school. Two decades ago, founding Headmaster Emeritus Alan Brown described Southridge as a light hearted place of serious purpose. I often wonder whether Mr. Brown knew the lasting influence he would have on our …

Posted by Drew Stephens on Thursday October 30, 2014
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Letting Go

I have been a parent of school-aged children for twenty-two parent-years, and have been in the fortunate position of never having to “let go” in September at the beginning of a new school year. That’s because both my children have attended the school where I work for their entire …

Posted by Drew Stephens on Friday September 12, 2014
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Canoe Say Harkness?

Back in the day, I used to teach canoeing at summer camp. Before getting into canoes and paddling around, my instructor friends and I began the summer by setting-up our students on the edge of the dock to teach them basic stroke techniques in a controlled environment. We taught our canoeing …

Posted by Drew Stephens on Sunday June 1, 2014
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The Beauty and Joy of Education

As all of us do, youth strive to make sense of their world and to build meaning based on their experiences. Education plays a critical role in helping to influence the meaning youth construct by evoking and fortifying their thoughts and emotions, and by providing a platform for making sense of their…

Posted by Drew Stephens on Thursday May 1, 2014
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Why the Trouble with Changes in Education?

A couple of weeks ago I was in the hospital for some routine tests. I was thankful my doctor was up to speed on the latest technologies and approaches to his craft. The procedure was quick, painless and hardly seemed invasive at all. I was up on my feet with no issues to report within a couple of …

Posted by Drew Stephens on Tuesday April 1, 2014
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The New Rigour

Think back to when you were a student in school. Sketch out the picture of what the classroom looked like, the role the teacher played and the demands placed on you as a student. What do you see? Fill-in the details of the environment; specifically, how is your image coloured by the rigours of the …

Posted by Drew Stephens on Saturday March 1, 2014
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Harkness, Humanity and Learning

About a year ago, one of our Senior School teachers, Ms. Robinson, described the Harkness approach to teaching and learning as “incredibly human.” For a long time, I wondered what exactly Ms. Robinson meant by her statement. At first, I thought it was reflective of the way that her …

Posted by Drew Stephens on Friday November 1, 2013
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Southridge develops well-rounded students with a deep sense of personal integrity who have the moral character, love of learning and self-confidence to realize their full potential in a post-secondary environment and in society at large.

Southridge School is committed to striving to ensure that all students are safe, accepted and respected.

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