Voluntary Counselling

Each student at Southridge has access to confidential social and emotional counselling with a Registered Clinical Counsellor. While parents and faculty may access the School Counsellor to consult and receive resources to support students, the counselling sessions are reserved for students.

Students may self-refer, or they may be referred by teachers or advisors. Examples of issues that are addressed include voluntary counselling creating wellness plans to manage stress, preparing for or dealing with transitions due to a change in home or school circumstances (e.g. graduation and leaving home), conflicts with friends or parents, decision making, and grief and loss.

Students may also access the school counsellor in order to receive information on outside counselling services, and they are not required to reveal what they would like support with in order to receive information. Other issues may require a referral to outside resources, such as symptoms of trauma, or other mental health concerns, but if the student wishes and consents to the sharing of information, the School Counsellor can collaborate with other professionals to provide better in-school support.



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Southridge develops well-rounded students with a deep sense of personal integrity who have the moral character, love of learning and self-confidence to realize their full potential in a post-secondary environment and in society at large.

Southridge School is committed to striving to ensure that all students are safe, accepted and respected.

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