Southridge MYP First World Education Games

Posted March 14

This year, the MYP students had an opportunity to engage with the world while practicing spelling words, calculating math facts, and reciting science knowledge. They participated for the first time in the World Education Games. This year, 1.57 million students from 55,000 schools in 235 countries were expected to participate. We started with practice rounds. Using their laptop, students signed on and were matched within their age category with a few students selected from around the world. They watched as a magnifying glass scanned a map of the world to settle on countries as far ranging as China, Guatemala, and England. When their challenge was accepted, they would see the country and the flag for the students they would compete against.

The actual competition took place over three days, one each for spelling, math, and science. On Tuesday, March 6th the official competition kicked off with the World Spelling Day. Students gained points based on correctly spelling faster than their competition. They could complete ten challenges at five levels of difficulty. We are very proud of the students from Mr. Anderson’s class for making it to 15th in the world!

The games ended on Thursday March 8 with the World Science Games. Southridge ended on a high note with excellent results. Both the Grade 7 and Grade 5 classes placed in the top 50. The Grades 6’s were unable to participate due to being in the middle of their robotics competition. Our highest ranking class was 5SJ which placed 8th in the world for their age group! Our highest ranking student was Braedon Ellemo who placed 88th in the world.

Congratulations to all of the MYP students who competed this year. Well done!

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Carol Beaulieu

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